Biodiesel: los transportadores

Committed to the enviroment our company has been ebdeavored to take the following steps:

The production of biodiesel from vegetable oil which is collected from restaurants and hotles in Santa Teresa. it offers safety benefits over diesel because it is not as flammable as diesel, its ignition point is higher than diesel (apox. 132 C.) so it is safer to store and provides greater safety in case of an accident. The odors of combustion engines are replaced by the aroma of popcorn or chips. Through various tests and investigations nowadays is that we can use biodiesel with the confidence that there won't be setbacks in our trip. Supplied with 50% of biodiesel and a 50% of diesel, thereby we help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

In our desire to find balance and reduce pollution in the air, the company bought a property of 9.8 acres on 2009 which is located about 90km from San Juan River on the Nicaragua's border. This property has 60% of primary forest and 40% of secondary forest and pasture. Our goal is to reforest the rest of the property. With this we would help Costa Rica in the process of achieving carbon neutral 2021

So when you travel with us you not only get a reliable and safe service but you provide great benefits to the biodiversity in Costa Rica.